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Wed, 09/05/2012 - 22:58 -- admin Great calligraphy, new fonts and lettering work, and more random goodness in Denis Serebrakov's tumblelog Learn how to use the tools the experts are using! This webinar teaches how to utilize several of Drupal's most powerful site-building modules to build out Drupal websites.

Looks useful for building intelligent back-end for Drupal: improving node add form by separating node data into collapsible groups etc zen and drupal development: Why not take a more Zen approach to your Drupal development? When you come down to choosing your modules, try meditating on these Mantras... An example of plotting realtime, crowdsourced data on a custom MapBox map - a demo site that allows people to report the locations of oil spills in Nigeria. It's very simple: someone finds a spill and fills out information about it into a web form.